Rising, setting, eclipses, positions, phases ... the Moon has always been a prominent indicator of the passage of time and the relation of the Earth to the solar system and beyond. In many ancient cultures, Moon cycles formed the only basis for calendars -- both civil and religious -- and it still plays a major role today in Islamic culture, Judaism, Hinduism, and other major religions.

With the Moon Almanac, old and new almanac traditions merge. You will find ample information elsewhere about the cycles of the Sun, the civil calendar, and the news of the day. Here,you will find only a singular new emphasis, the Moon as it passes through the upcoming year.

Other almanacs bury information about the cycles of the Moon inside tables of tiny type, ignore everything lunar except for the full and new moons, or make it difficult to translate dates and times to locations away from the East Coast. With the Moon Almanac, key dates and times for the whole country are included, from New York to Los Angeles, Chicago to Atlanta.

Here's a peek at the Table of Contents for the Moon Almanac 2016 ...

  • Time Conversions
  • Moon Distance
  • 2018 Moon Phases
  • Moon Horizons
  • Full Moon Rise and Set Horizon Locator
  • Moon Height
  • Earliest Crescent Moon
  • Sky Sights Near the Moon in 2018
  • Moon Rise and Moon Set
  • Lunar eclipses
  • Two Blue Moons in 2018
  • Names of the Full Moons
  • Moon Holidays
  • 2018 Tides
  • Night Light in 2018
  • Moon Resources

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